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Click on the "Add a New List" link to create a new List.

Each List in your Enterprise Site has a name. Optionally, you may also assign each List a description to give Members more information about what they will receive as a Member of the List. You can determine which list values your Members will see when they visit your subscription page by setting the Display properties of the list, or optionally hide the List name and description. Both values are normally only hidden from Member view when your Enterprise Site only has one list. You can also define the following optional default values for a List. If you set these values, then whenever you create a mailing for distribution to this List it will inherit these default values (which you can then modify if needed).

  • From Name
  • From Address
  • Reply-to Address
  • Subject

Each of the preceding four default values can be "locked", which prevents administrators from overriding the values when creating or editing a Mailing.

  • "Display on Member Subscribe Page" settings control which List values will be visible to Members when they visit your subscription page and when they receive confirmation messages that enumerate the available mailing lists using the ##_SubscribedLists_## and ##_UnubscribedLists_## merge codes (see the Opt-in (New Member) Notification section for more details). Lists that are not visible to Members ("Don't display") can be described as "hidden". Note that hidden Lists will always be visible to Administrators
    Existing Members who visit your subscription page will not be able to unsubscribe from hidden lists; they can, however, unsubscribe by clicking on an ##_Unsubscribe_## or ##_UnsubscribeAll_## hyperlink (see Predefined Links) they received in a message.
  • "New Members Are Subscribed by Default" determines whether, on the subscription page for new Members, the checkbox representing this List will be checked by default. "New Members Are Subscribed by Default" can be used on visible or hidden lists. The "New Members Are Subscribed by Default" setting has no effect on the subscription page for existing Members.
  • If you have only one List in your Site, you may wish to hide the List name and description ("Don't display") and automatically subscribe new members ("New Members Are Subscribed by Default"), so that new Members are always subscribed to your List. In that case, you should include language on your Member Subscribe Page that instructs Member who wish to unsubscribe to do so by clicking on a unsubscribe link in an e-mail they have received. To learn how to add such language, refer to the Member Subscribe Page Informational Messages section.
  • All lists are "Active" by default, but Administrators with List access can make a list inactive by unchecking the "Active" box. If a list is not Active, when a new mailing is created, the inactive List will not be available in the List selection drop-down. An inactive list can be mailed to, so if there are any unsent or triggered mailings using an inactive list (created prior to the list being made inactive), or if a mailing using an inactive list is copied, the Active setting will not prevent a list from being mailed to. Inactive lists will not be visible to members, regardless of the Display settings for that list.

See the section on creating a new mailing for detailed explanations of these terms.