Adding Content Snippets

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This window displays the currently selected "content snippet" for the currently selected section of your template.


The HTML "Definition" for each content snippet is defined as part of the template.

To choose the appropriate content snippet for this section of the mailing, click the corresponding radio button. Note that only one content snippet at a time can be selected.

To remove the content snippet from this content section, click the "Remove Snippet" link. If you save this content section after removing the content snippet and before selecting a different one, no snippet will be selected for this section of the mailing (i.e., the section will be blank).

Once you are satisfied with your changes, you can click the "Save" link to save your changes and close the window. If you want to exit the window without saving your changes, simply click the "Cancel" link. To make the content for the currently selected template section "dynamic" (Segment-specific), or to specify content for the Online Version of your mailing, click the "Make Dynamic" link. For more information on creating dynamic content, please read the section title Adding Dynamic Content.