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Fishbowl Analytics & Insight provides advanced, in-depth information on the performance of your email campaigns and list performance as well as insight into database value, mailing ROI and input source performance. Designed specifically for the restaurant industry, this easy-to-use reporting tool allows you to measure and improve the effectiveness of your marketing programs and maximize the return on your investment. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to compare your performance to industry benchmarks while analyzing and evaluating the success of your marketing.

The following Analytics & Insight reports are available:

  • Program Overview provides a high level overview of your message performance and list growth.
  • List Growth by Date provides a view of your list growth over a specified time period.
  • Input Source Summary shows total list members by input source including subscribes, unsubscribes and permanently bounced.
  • Member Count by Domain presents the member count by email domain for a specific campaign or mailing.
  • Campaign Comparison allows you to view the performance of all messages sent by Campaign for a specified date range.
  • Mailing Activity by Date shows high level performance of all messages sent in a specified date range.
  • Mailing Comparison allows you to compare high level performance of multiple mailings within a specified date range.
  • Mailing Performance by Domain displays email domain performance for one of your specific campaigns or mailings.
  • ROI Analysis allows you to easily view the return on investment for your brand’s campaigns and mailings.

The following Analytics & Insight reports are available if you are using Fishbowl's Store Management:

  • Stores by List Size shows the number of stores that have a list size that falls within a specified range.
  • Store List Size Comparison presents individual store list size information.
  • Value of Database displays both the total list value and the increased value of your email database based on list growth month over month for a specified data range.
  • LSM Performance displays the top 10 strongest and bottom 10 weakest LSM messages based on open rate percentage as a chart and as a table within a specified date range.
  • Store Mailing Performance Comparison displays total message performance for individual stores during a specified time period.
  • Mailing Performance by Store displays the performance of each mailing by delivery rate, open rate, and click through rate for an individual store during a specified time period.
  • Store Revenue Comparison displays specific store monthly revenue for a date range as entered in the Store Settings area of the Goals and Settings page vs. open rates, delivery rates and click through rates.

Goals and Settings allows you to enter your concept, store and campaign settings as well as your list building goals. This data is stored and used in the ROI Analysis, Store Mailing Performance vs. Revenue, Value of Database and List Growth by Date reports.

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