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Average Number of Guests Per Check: The average number of guests on each check.

Average Number of Visits Per Month Per Guest: The number of times on average a guest visits.

Campaign: A campaign is a collection of related mailings. Campaigns can be organized by criteria such as date (e.g., "2009"), frequency (e.g., "Weekly"), content type (e.g., "Promotions"), and geography (e.g, "DC_Metro").

Cannibalization Rate: The percentage of list member visits (with coupons) that would have occurred anyway. Average cannibalization is 20%.

Check Average: The average amount, in dollars, of each check.

Clickthrough Rate: The number of total clicks divided by the number of delivered messages.

Client Average: An average determined by stats of the client. Usually refers to stores. E.g. Average store list size = Existing Members in all stores divided by total number of stores.

Database Value: Product of list size and average monthly spend per guest.

Delivery Rate: The number of messages delivered divided by the number of messages sent.

Direct Cost Rate: The hard costs to run your business. For example: Food, Beverages, Paper Products. Average direct cost is 30%.

Existing Members: The number of mailable members from the last day of the prior to the selected date (usually by month or week).

List Growth: The number of mailable members added within a date range.

List Size: The number of mailable members on a specific date.

Mailable Members: The number of members that are subscribed to a list and that have not permanently bounced or been suppressed.

Mailing: A Mailing sent from Enterprise to a specific List of Members. A Mailing can be sent at single Send Time, or can be a Triggered Mailing that is sent daily to matching Members.

Member Growth or Loss: The increase or decrease in the number of mailable members over time.

Message Volume: The number of messages sent.

Offer Value: Monetary value of the offer in the mailing.

Open Rate: The total number of opened messages divided by the total number of delivered messages.

Percentage Growth or Loss: The percent change in Mailable members over time, including members who have subscribed to or unsubscribed from a list.

Per Person Average Monthly Spend: Average guest visits per month/Average guests per check x check average.

Redemption Rate: Percent of the list the mailing was sent to that redeemed the offer.

ROI: Return on Investment.

Total Clickthroughs: Total number of clicks that were generated by the mailing, expressed by total number of clicks and as a percentage, or rate, of the total number of messages sent.

Total Redemption: Total number of offers that were redeemed.