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We have created new Enterprise Reports that we're launching as Beta. We're rolling this out client by client, so if you do not see this in Fishbowl, please ask your Account Director and we'll enable them for you.

Here's how to get to the new reports:

1. From the Report tab in Enterprise, click on New! Fishbowl Reports Beta

2. This will open a new window where you'll see the Mailing Report.

Mailing Report

The Mailing Report shows you data for your most recently sent 10 mailings. Data is as of yesterday.

At the top you'll see your average open rate, click through rate and unsubscribe rate.

In the grid, for each mailing you'll see: the date it was sent, mailing ID, Description, Subject line, Campaign, number of members sent to, delivery rate, open rate and unsubscribe rate.

On the right you'll see filters for Campaign, Mailing Type (messages or triggered messages), Category, Group, Store Name, and Start and End date.

You can export by clicking on the box arrow icon. You can also paginate to see more than 10 mailings using the page drop down at the bottom of the page.

Click on a mailing description to get to the Detailed Mailing Report.


Detailed Mailing Report

The Detailed Mailing Report will show you all the details about your mailing including: Total Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Hard Bounced, Soft Bounced, Unsubscribes, Campaign, Mailing ID, Description, Subject Line, and Date Sent. You can filter by Category and Group.

In the grid you'll see each store that the mailing was sent to, and details about the messages sent by store. You can sort each column by clicking on the column header.