Building a Segment based on Joined Data

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If your Enterprise Site is set up to use Joined Data Sources, you can create segments based on that Joined Data using Joined Data expressions.

With some Joined Data Sources, each Member will have one and only one matching Joined Data Source record. For example, your Site might have a Joined Data Source named "Store", and each Member might have one (and only one) Store record. On the other hand, your Site might have a Joined Data Source named "CustomerVisit", in which each record represents a distinct "visit" by a particular Member: in this case, each Member has a variable number of CustomerVisit records.

If, for instance, your goal is to identify Members who have visited your restaurant more than two times AND who have redeemed a coupon on at least one of those visits, and the visit and purchase history is stored in a Joined Data Source named "CustomerVisit", your Segment would look like this:


After saving the segment, you would add it to the list of Inclusionary Segments when creating a Mailing. In lieu of creating and saving a Segment, you could create "ad hoc" (Mailing-specific) segmentation that achieves the same purpose but is not reusable across multiple Mailings: