Building a Segment based on Mailing Frequency

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Segments based on Mailing Frequency can prevent your subscribers from receiving too many--or too few--messages during a specified period of time. That period of time can be entered as an absolute date range (e.g., "between 10/1/2013 and 10/31/2013"), as a relative date range (e.g., "in the past 30 days"), or as a combination of the two (e.g., "since 10/1/2013"). Mailing Frequency segments can be optionally restricted to a specific List or Campaign.

If, for instance, your goal is to prevent any subscriber from receiving more than four Main Street Grill eclub messages list in the past four weeks, you would create a segment with a single Mailing Frequency Expression that reads: "Received At Least 4 Mailings to List 'Main Street Grill eclub in the past 0 months and 28 days", as shown in the screenshot below:


After saving the segment, you would add it to the list of Exclusionary Segments when creating a Mailing. In lieu of creating and saving a segment, you could create "ad hoc" (Mailing-specific) segmentation that achieves the same purpose but is not reusable across multiple Mailings.