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We have built our COPPA Compliance functionality and practice guides based on our best understanding of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA); however, using our COPPA Compliance functionality is not a guarantee of legal compliance with COPPA or any other applicable laws, rules, or regulations. These offerings are designed to assist you with compliance, but it is the responsibility of you, our client, to ensure your activities, including your use of Fishbowl’s systems and services, comply with all applicable laws.

It should also be noted that using Fishbowl’s COPPA Compliance functionality is not a guarantee that children under the age of 13 will not be able to opt-in to your email list using false dates, or provide email addresses for verification of parental permission that do not belong to their parents, thereby allowing someone other than their parent to grant permission. Enhanced verification services designed to minimize the risk of circumvention via various labor-intensive means are not part of the Enterprise COPPA Compliance functionality, and are not services that Fishbowl offers. If desired, you may procure enhanced verification services from other sources or perform them yourselves.

You can review Fishowl’s privacy policy here.

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