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Setting up your Enterprise site to use the COPPA Compliance functionality is simple and it requires just a few steps.

Step 1)

Go to Members > Profile Fields
Modify the Birthdate/DOB profile field to be a COPPA Compliancy field type.

Step 2)

Go to Settings > Site Settings > COPPA Compliance Settings
All fields on this page are required in order for the COPPA functionality to work.

COPPA From Name
This is the From Name that will be used in the email sent to the parent. This is typically your company name.

COPPA From Address
This is the From Address that will be used in the email sent to the parent. The domain name cannot be modified, but the user name (the portion to the left of the @) can be modified.

COPPA Reply-To
This is the reply email address that any replies will be sent to. This should be an address that you own and that is monitored regularly so any replies can be responded to in a timely manner.

COPPA Subject
This is the subject line of the message that will be sent to the parent. And example of this is “Request for Approval: Your Child Would Like to Receive Email from Main Street Grill.”

COPPA Body (Text)
This is the content that will be used for the text-only email sent to the parent requesting review and approval before their child can receive email. The following is an example of content that can be used here, but this should, at a minimum, be customized based on your specific privacy and compliance policies. You may replace this entirely with your own language, from your own legal counsel for example.

Coppa 2.png

COPPA Instructional Message (HTML):
This is the message that will appear above the e-mail address form on the page the under-13 child sees after submitting the join page. This message needs to request the parent’s email address. An example of this is “Please enter your parent's email address below. This email address will be used solely to verify parental consent for us to send emails to you.”

Coppa 7.2.png