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The Mailing Calendar allows you to view all Sent, in progress and Scheduled mailings in an calendar view. You can view mailings by Day, Week, Month, Timeline, or 5-Day by, as well as filter the mailings you see on the calendar by List or by Campaign.


  • Click Day, Week, Month, Timeline, or 5-Day in the upper right to change the calendar view.
  • The Campaigns and Lists tab at the top left lets you select which Campaigns and Lists you would like to see or hide on the Calendar View.
  • Hover over the information icon to see basic information about a mailing, including Description, Subject, From Name, From Address, List and Campaign.
  • Click on an Scheduled mailing to edit the schedule, edit the mailing, preview the mailing, send a test of the mailing, or send the mailing now.
  • Click on a Send mailing to edit the mailing (only limited editing on a sent mailing is allowed), view the mailing status, or preview the mailing.
  • When viewing the calendar in Day or Week view, right clicking on a date/time in the future will allow you to Schedule a mailing.
  • Drag a Scheduled mailing to another date/time on the calendar to edit the scheduled date/time.