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The Campaign Comparison allows you to view the performance of all messages sent by Campaign for a selected date range. This report includes two charts, Total Messages and Performance Summary.

To view the Campaign Comparison, select the Begin Date and the End Date in the report toolbar, then select Preview.

Total Messages

Total Messages shows the messages sent, by campaign, for a specified time period.

This chart will allow you to analyze what percentage of total messages sent each campaign represents both as a percentage as well as a numerical value providing you with insight into the number of members who are receiving specific offers and the volume of local store messaging occurring through Fishbowl’s application.


Performance Summary

This chart shows the performance of each campaign (i.e. Anniversary, LSM, Welcome) by delivery rate, open rate, and click through rate for the specified time period. Presented as a bar chart, the data will provide you with the opportunity to compare which campaigns are returning favorable delivery, open, and click through rates. By utilizing the information displayed you can compare successful campaigns and make educated adjustments to subject lines, content, link placement, or offers for example. Return at a later date and evaluate if your fine-tuning has improved your campaign performance.


You can view the report online or export it to a variety of formats which you can then save to your desktop. For example, you might want to save the reports as PDF files so that you can e-mail them to colleagues or print them out to bring to meetings. Or you may want to export reports as .csv files so that you can further analyze the data in spreadsheet format.