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A campaign is a collection of related mailings. Campaigns can be organized by criteria such as date (e.g., "2009"), frequency (e.g., "Weekly"), content type (e.g., "Promotions"), and geography (e.g, "DC_Metro"). Each campaign consists of a name (e.g., "Special Promotions 2015") and a status (either Active or Inactive). Setting the status of a campaign to Inactive prevents it from being displayed by default when managing campaigns, when assigning a mailing to a campaign, and when selecting a campaign for reporting purposes.

Mailings can be assigned to campaigns when they are first created (in which case only active campaigns can be selected), before being sent (active campaigns only), or after being sent (both active and inactive campaigns). If you send only a small number of mailings, you may choose never to assign your mailings to campaigns.

The "Manage Campaigns" screen displays, by default, a list of all active campaigns. To view inactive as well as active campaigns, click the checkbox labeled "Include Inactive Campaigns".

To manage the unsent, sent, or triggered mailings for a particular campaign, click on the "Unsent", "Sent", or "Triggered" link, respectively, next to that campaign (the "Triggered" link will appear only if Triggered Messaging is enabled for your Enterprise Site). Mailings that have not been assigned to a campaign appear under the listing "Unassigned Mailings", which appears at the top of the grid. Campaigns are always displayed on this screen in alphabetical order; to force a campaign to appear near the top of the list, assign it a name that begins with an underscore or other symbol (e.g., "_Special Promotions").

To add a new campaign, type the campaign name in the input box at the bottom of the grid and click the "Add" link. Campaign names are restricted to 200 characters but otherwise have no limitations. To change the name or status of an existing campaign, click edit, make your changes to the name and/or status, then click either to save or cancel. Click on the delete icon to delete an existing campaign. Enterprise will not permit you to delete a campaign to which mailings are assigned.

To search for campaigns by name, type all or part of the campaign name into the input box at the bottom of the screen, then click the "Search" button. Searching for "Menu", for example, will cause Enterprise to search for and display all campaigns containing the word "Menu". To exit search mode and return to a list of all campaigns, click the "Reset" button.

Searching for Mailings

If you need to search for a specific mailing or a number of mailings, you can use the search feature found on the Unsent, Sent and Triggered mailings pages, accessed from the Campaigns & Mailings page. Search for words or phrases in the Subject and Description of your mailings or search by MailingID. If you are unsure of which campaign the mailing or mailings you are looking for are located in, you can use the All Mailings campaign option on the Campaigns & Mailings page and search across all Unsent, Sent, or Triggered mailings. To clear your search results, click the Reset button.