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Important: You must ensure that your mailing includes the items required to comply with CAN-SPAM legislation and the terms and conditions of your agreement with Fishbowl.

Step 3 - using your own HTML

In Step 3 of the mailing workflow, you will be able to choose to either use a template or use your own HTML.

Workflow step 3.PNG

If you choose to use your own HTML, you will most often want to create the HTML and text versions of your message in an external editor (e.g. Dreamweaver for HTML and Notepad for text). You can then paste this content into Enterprise and edit the HTML directly or use the Rich Text Editing for the HTML version. You also have the option of creating HTML for an Online Version of your message. This allows you to place a link in your HTML and text e-mails which allows users who may have difficulty viewing your message to follow a link and see it online (for more information on how to include a link to the online version of your message, see the section under Advanced Topics entitled Predefined Links).

Once you have entered the basic attributes for your mailing, you'll need to paste the content into the appropriate input boxes on the page. Paste your HTML content into the area labeled "HTML Version" and the text content into the area labeled "Text Version."

If you'd like to automatically create a Text version from the HTML you provide, first paste the HTML into the "HTML Version" area, then click the "Copy HTML to Text" icon. Enterprise will strip out all HTML tags from the Text version, change HTML line-breaks into textual line-breaks, convert hyperlinks into text/URL combinations, translate bulleted lists and numbered lists into lists of indented items preceded by asterisks, and wrap lines longer than 72 characters. The resulting text may need some manual clean-up and re-formatting.

It is possible to create a mailing without any HTML content, but it is not possible to create a mailing without text content. If your message contains both HTML and text content (this is recommended for most purposes), every message sent out by Enterprise will contain both HTML and text, allowing each recipient's e-mail server, e-mail client, or e-mail settings (or combination of the three) to determine the type of content to display.

If you have developed a version of your message for viewing online, paste the HTML for this version into the section labeled "Online Version." The online version of your content should not include unsubscribe links or other content that is specific to individual recipients -- it is intended to be a "generic" version of the content that anyone can view in their web browser.

You can preview any of your content by clicking on the appropriate preview icon. For more information about the preview window, see the section Previewing a Mailing.

Click the "Save" button to save your changes. You can also click "Cancel" to exit the page without saving any changes.

Click "Show Recipient Count" button to see how many members will receive the mailing with the currently selected List and segmentation.

If you wish to send a single test message, select the recipient from the list of testers (this list will include your administrative email address if you are a member and any other Testers for the Site) and click the "Send Test to" button.

You may also want to read about adding Mail Merge FieldsDynamic Content and Predefined Links (such as unsubscribe links) to your mailing content.