Create a mailing Step 3 - using a Template

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Step 3 - using a Template

Important: You must ensure that your mailing includes the items required to comply with CAN-SPAM legislation and the terms and conditions of your agreement with Fishbowl. If your template has been designed and built by Fishbowl, these items will be included in the template. If you have built your own custom templates or modified templates built by Fishbowl, you must ensure that these required items are present in your mailing.

Depending on the template you selected, you'll see something like the below. 

Workflow step 3 with template.PNG

Use the Preview button to preview the HTML, Text, and Online versions of your mailing (by clicking on the appropriate preview icon). For more information about the preview window, see the section Previewing a Mailing.

The template itself will allow you to add text and images to your mailing. Each template consists of a number of editable text, image, and "content snippet" sections. For example, in the screenshot below, we can see sections labeled "Image Upload" and "Text Area." 

Template body.PNG

Clicking on the section name will launch the text editor, which is described in the help topic Adding Text. Clicking on the "Image" link would launch the image selector, which is described in the help topic Adding Images. To edit a "content snippet" section (not pictured here) you would click on the appropriate link and proceed as described in Adding Content Snippets.

Any of these content sections can be made "dynamic", as detailed in Adding Dynamic Content. Dynamic content sections contain different content versions for different segments of users and/or content targeting the online version of your mailing. It's important to understand that when you use dynamic content, the content that appears in each section of this screen represents only one of the possible content versions that any particular recipient or viewer might see.

Click the "Save" button to save your changes. You can also click "Cancel" to exit the page without saving any changes. You can return to edit the mailing at any time via the Unsent Mailings menu.

If you wish to send a test message, use the Test Options button.

Test options.PNG