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Step 4

Step 4 is where you can review your mailing and send it now or schedule it for the future.  

Be sure to look over each section, and if you need to edit anything, click the pencil icon on the right to be brought back to the appropriate step to make edits.  

Note the recipient count and segmentation.  If you did not include any segmentation on your mailing, we will ask if you're sure you want to email your entire list. 


When you are ready to send or schedule your mailing, use the footer on step 4.  Use the calendar and clock icon to choose a date and time to schedule your mailing. If you'd like to send now, click the Send Now check box.  

Step 4 b.PNG

Once you schedule or send your mailing now, we'll ask if you're sure and show the number of recipients the mailing will be sent to.  


If you click Yes, then we'll schedule or send the mailing and you'll be brought to the Confirmation page.