December 2015 Release

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Our December 2015 release contains enhancements to the new email workflow, and the ability to Tag Mailings.

New Email Workflow Enhancements:

1. Now when you edit an email, you'll be brought to Step 1 instead of Step 3 so you can easily edit the subject line and mailing name. 

2. We've docked the Save, Save and Continue, and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the page in a "sticky footer" so that they follow you and you can easily Save.


3. On Steps 3 and 4, we've made it easy for you to quickly send yourself a test.  

Send a test quick.png

4. We've also increased the speed of the email workflow, so pages load faster and you can more quickly move from step to step.

Tag Mailings

1. Just like tagging a member or tagging a promotion, now you can tag a mailing. In the future, you will be able to pull reports by Mailing Tag, so that you can compare how your 2015 Thanksgiving emails performed compared to your 2014 Thanksgiving emails.  Look for the ability to pull reports by Mailing Tag soon, for now we're releasing the ability to tag the mailing. 

2. In step 1 of the new email workflow, there is an area where you can assign tags to your mailing.  Start typing to create a tag and to see tags you've created previously. You can assign multipel tags to a mailing.  To remove a tag from the mailing, click the X.  Tags are saved on the mailing when you click Save and Continue in Step 1.  You'll see a summary of which Tags you've included on your mailing in Step 4. 

Tag mailings.png

3. Manage Tags - from the Mailings Tab - Tag page, you can manage all of your mailing tags.  Here you can add new tags, edit or delete tags.  Editing the name of a tag will edit it for all mailings with that tag. Deleting a tag will delete it from all mailings with that tag. 

Manage tags.png