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If you have defined a profile field as one of the Radio Button field types, then you will see a link labeled "Items" in the Field Type column of the profile fields table.


By clicking on the Items link, you can edit the items which will appear in your dropdown list. The screen for editing these items displays a list of all current items, which you can edit or delete. You can also add new items.

To add a new item, simply fill in the bottom row of the table and click "Add." The "Field Value" is the value that will be stored in the database if a Member selects this value for his or her profile field. The "Field Name" is the name that will appear in the radio button list that the user views to select his or her choice.


You can edit an existing item by clicking edit. This will cause the row for that item to become editable, and you can then make your changes. Click save to keep them, or click cancel to continue without saving your changes. Items can be moved up and down in the list by clicking the Sort Order arrow and dragging items into position; the entire list of items can be sorted alphabetically--by either field value or display value, ascending or descending--or by clicking and dragging the sort order arrow.