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If you are using Fishbowl's Store Management and have defined a profile field as a Store/Location field, then you will see a link labeled "Edit" in the Field Type column of the profile fields table.

The Store/Location field provides "store locator" functionality in which Enterprise uses the member's selected US Zip Code or Canadian Postal Code to automatically populate a drop-down list of the nearest stores.

The screen shot below shows the default Store/Location settings. You can edit any of these settings as needed.


  • Zip/Postal Code Field: If your Site contains one--and only one--US Zip Code or US/Canadian Postal Code field, then the "auto-detect" option will automatically use that field as the source of the store lookup. If your Site contains multiple US Zip Code or US/Canadian Postal Code fields, or if your zip/postal code field is defined as a Text field, then you should select the appropriate field from this drop-down list.
  • Maximum Stores Returned: By default, Enterprise will populate the nearest 20 stores, but you can modify this setting. There is no "minimum distance" setting, so Enterprise will populate a list of the nearest stores even if the nearest store happens to be on the other side of the country.
  • Distance Unit: The distance from the Member's Zip/Postal Code to the store locations will be included in the Store dropdown list, displayed in the unit specified here. Select "None" if you don't want a distance to be displayed in the list.
  • Display "Show All" Button: The Show All button will return a list of all stores. You may wish to hide this option if you have a particularly large number of stores.
  • "Show All" Button Text/URL: Add Text to use in place of "Show All Stores" on the default button or include the URL of a button image.
  • Instructions Message: This message appears above the Stores dropdown and will appear until the Member has entered a Zip/Postal Code.
  • "Displaying Nearest" Message: This message will appear above the Stores after the Member has entered a Zip/Postal Code, replacig the Instructions Message.
  • "Please Wait" Message: This will appear while Enterprise is retrieving the list of stores. The list of stores will often return quickly, in which case the member will not see this message.