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From time to time you may wish to view or edit profile information for an individual Member. You may also want to change the subscription information for a Member. Both of these tasks can be performed by first finding a specific Member using the Find Member screen. The easiest way to find a Member from this screen is by entering his or her e-mail address. In the first dropdown menu, select "E-mail Address." Select "equals" from the second dropdown menu, and then enter the Member's e-mail address in the input box. Clicking "search" will display a list of Members who match your search criteria -- in this case you should see no more than one Member since Enterprise does not allow duplicate e-mail addresses within a Site.

You can construct more complex filters to find multiple Members. This can be helpful if you don't know the e-mail address of the Member whose profile you wish to view or edit. For example, you could search for all Members with the last name "Doe" who live in the state of Ohio (for detailed instructions on building search parameters, see the section on Segments).

Once you have built your filter, click "Search". Enterprise will show you the Members that match your filter criteria. To speed up your searches, Enterprise limits the number of results to 100 Members. Enterprise will display 10 results per page -- to see more results, click on "Next Page."

  • Click edit to view the profile and subscription information for this Member. From this screen, you can make changes to the Member's profile, or modify his or her subscription status by checking or unchecking the boxes for the appropriate Lists. (If changes are made to a member's subscriptions or to member information from the Edit Member page by an Administrator, Opt-In and Profile Update notifications will NOT be sent to the member as a result of those changes.) If your Site is set up to use Tags, you can also modify his or her tags by checking or unchecking tags on the Tags tab. If you are using Limited View functionality, you will also be able to reset coupon views for any mailings the member received that contained a limited view image. Click Reset Coupon Views button on the Edit Member page. From here, you can view the number of image views for each mailing, preview the message that member received, reset the coupon views and resend a copy of the mailing to this member, or delete the views for this member.
  • Click the grid icon to view the joined data for this Member. From this screen, you can view the joined data for this member by selecting a Data Source. The data sources available will depend on your Site's configuration. Some Joined Data Sources are designed to be used only in specific contexts—such as within triggers— and these will not appear in the Data Source dropdown.
  • Click the envelope icon to view the mailing history information for this Member. From this screen, you can view the mailings sent to the Member and resend messages to the member as needed.
  • Click the "subscription" icon to view the subscription history for this Member.
  • Click "delete" to permanently delete a Member from your Enterprise Site. Note that once you have deleted a Member, all of his or her profile information will be permanently deleted from your Enterprise Site and cannot be recovered. If your intent is to render a Member inactive (so that they no longer receive mailings), you should unsubscribe from all Lists instead of using the Delete option.