Forgot Password Notification

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If a Member wishes to update his or her profile but has forgotten the login password, or does not have a password, Enterprise can send an e-mail message to the user containing the password (Enterprise will generate a password if the member does not have a password already). The following settings control the appearance of the Forgot Password message (for more information on From Names, From Addresses, and Reply-to Addresses see the section on creating mailings):

  • Forgot Password From Name: The "Friendly From" or "Display Name" from which the forgot password message will be sent.
  • Forgot Password From Address: The "username" portion of the e-mail address from which the forgot password message will be sent.
  • Forgot Password Reply-To: The e-mail address to which any Member replies to the forgot password message will be sent. This should be a working e-mail address which is checked on a regular basis by someone within your organization.
  • Forgot Password Subject: The subject line of the forgot password message (e.g. "Your Main Street Grill eclub Password.").
  • Forgot Password Body (Text): The body of the e-mail message which will be sent. This should include the ##Password## mail merge field, which will include the user's existing password or Enterprise generated password, and it should also include the ##_Login_## predefined link, so that the user knows where to go to log into the system using his or her password. The body of the message should contain text only and no HTML.