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Your Image Library is a collection of images you have uploaded into Enterprise for inclusion in mailings. All images are stored in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format, but Enterprise will automatically convert images uploaded in other formats (BMP, TIFF, EMF, WMF, EXIF) to JPEG format. To help you organize your image library, Enterprise allows you to create multiple image "folders" with descriptive names. Images can be moved from one folder to another at any time without affecting mailings that include those images.

Images in the Image Library can be used in image type template fields and can be used as Limited View images. Enterprise will automatically rename images in the Image Library when you upload them; there is no way to override the name that Enterprise chooses for you. Deleting an image from the Image Library will prevent you from selecting that image when creating a mailing using a template, but the image will still be maintained within the Enterprise system. Any sent mailings that reference the deleted image will be unaffected by the deletion. Images hosted in the Image Library are only available to be used in a single Enterprise site.

Enterprise also includes an Image Manager. The list below can help you decide when you should use the Image Library and when you should use the Image Manager.

Add an image to the Image Library if:

  • your image needs to be used in Image type fields in templated mailings.
  • you want to use Limited View functionality.
  • you want to prevent images from being overwritten or deleted.

Add an image to the Image Manager if:

  • you want to create your own folder structure.
  • you need to specify the names of images.
  • you would like the ability to overwrite or delete images.
  • you have multiple sites within the Fishbowl system and would like to share images across sites.
  • you want to upload images for use in other Fishbowl application such as LSM.
  • you want to edit your image(s) after uploading.