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The Mailing Summary report provides all of the vital statistics on a single mailing, such as open rates, clickthrough rates, bounces and forwards. As with all reports in Enterprise, the Mailing Summary report has a Report Toolbar at the top of the screen which allows you to control certain display features of the report and to export the report in various file formats.

To View a Mailing Summary report, choose a mailing by clicking on the "Select" link next to the mailing you wish to view.

As with most reports in Enterprise, you can view the report online or export it to a variety of formats which you can then save to your desktop. For example, you might want to save the reports as PDF files so that you can e-mail them to colleagues or print them out to bring to meetings. Or you may want to export reports as Excel files so that you can further analyze the data in spreadsheet format. To export a report, simply choose the appropriate format from the "Export to the selected format" dropdown as pictured below. Click "Export" and you will be prompted to save the file to your computer.

The Mailing Summary report consists of four sections. Note that the report often consists of multiple pages, so you will need to use the paging control in the Report Toolbar to scroll back and forth between the various pages of the report.

1. Mailing Summary

This section gives the basic details about what mailing is covered by the report and when it was delivered, its subject line, description and when the report was generated. A sample Mailing Summary section is given below:

Mailing Summery.JPG

2. Delivery Summary

The Delivery Summary section (see below for sample) gives an overview of how many messages Enterprise attempted to deliver for this mailing (Pushed), how many were successfully delivered (Delivered), and how many bounced. Click on the bounce numbers to view the addresses of the recipients who bounced.

Delivery Summery.JPG

3. Performance Summary

The Performance Summary contains key metrics regarding opens, clicks, and forwards. A sample Performance Summary is given below, along with explanations of the various terms used in the report.

Performance Summery.JPG

4. Click Throughs

This section of the report shows Total and Distinct clicks by URL. For each URL in your mailing, the report tells you the Total number of times the link was clicked on. Because one individual can click multiple times, the report also gives you the number of Distinct clicks -- that is, the number of individual Members who clicked on that link.