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Welcome to the help wiki for Fishbowl Enterprise Email.

Fishbowl Enterprise Email is divided into four sections:

Members. Allows you to manage your opt-in e-mail lists. It contains all of the tools you need to maintain Member records, manage Profile Fields, create new subscription Lists, customize your Member Subscribe Page using Themes, create Segments to filter your Members, and import and export Member data.
Mailings. Provides you with a complete solution for managing and deploying your e-mail content. You can create messages by copying and pasting HTML and text into Enterprise, or by using the template-based content management system. You can maintain a library of images for use in your messages. You can deploy test mailings to Members of your organization and check your content to determine if it's likely to get identified as spam by junk-mail filters.
Reports. View reports on all of your mailing and member activity. From here you can view detailed statistics for individual mailings, compare metrics across multiple mailings, view list churn rates, monitor bounced messages and much more.
Settings. Control a wide range of settings for your Enterprise Site. From here you can add new Testers and Administrators, and change the look and feel of your Member Subscribe Page, as well modify the various notification e-mails which are sent to Members when they opt-in to receive mailings or when they update their profiles. This tab is available only to Site Administrators.

Browser Requirements

The portions of Fishbowl Enterprise Email that are visible to your subscribers—namely, the Member Subscribe Page and related pages—are designed to work with any modern Web browser. By customizing various display-related settings in the Site Settings portion of the application, you can optimize the browser experience to suit your needs. For example, choosing a "stacked" profile field layout rather than a "side-by-side" layout will produce a narrow Member Subscribe Page that is well-suited to Web-enabled mobile devices such as smart phones.

The portions of Fishbowl Enterprise Email that are available only to Administrators (i.e., the portions available to you but not to your subscribers) are designed to work with all modern Web browsers that support cookies and Javascript.