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The Manage Hyperlinks page is available for any Sent mailing.  Manage Hyperlinks allows you to edit the hyperlinks contained within a sent mailing. Hyperlink URLs can be modified to reflect changes in external pages (such as those hosted on your company's Web site), or to fix "broken" links that weren't discovered during your testing process. "Friendly Names" can also be added to hyperlinks that were originally specified without them.

Not all hyperlinks on the Manage Hyperlinks grid will be clickable; the explanation is that URLs containing mail merge fields, such as those created by using predefined links, are designed to be personalized for each recipient during the process of sending the corresponding mailing; those URLs would produce undesirable results -- such as an Enterprise "technical difficulties" message -- if they were clicked on in their non-personalized form as shown on this screen.

To edit a hyperlink, click on the edit icon. Both URL and Friendly Name are editable.

IMPORTANT: For performance reasons, hyperlink URLs are "cached" both by Enterprise and by each recipient's Web browser. As noted in the screenshot above, changes to hyperlink URLs may require up to 10 minutes to take effect within Enterprise. In addition, if you click on any of the hyperlinks in a mailing, then edit the URL for that hyperlink, your Web browser will probably retain the old version of the URL and use that version for subsequent clicks. As a rule, if you make a change to any hyperlink URLs on this screen, you should close all browser windows on your computer AND wait up to ten minutes before testing that change.