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The table on the Manage Your Lists page shows the current Lists available on your Enterprise Site. The table displays summary information for each List, including the number of Members currently subscribed to the List, the number of mailings that have been sent to the List, and the number of mailings waiting to be sent to the List. ListID is provided for clients using the Quick Subscribe/Unsubscribe process.

For performance reasons, Enterprise does not display summary counts by default. Checking the "Show Counts" box causes Enterprise to generate and display counts of Unsent and Sent Mailings, and of all subscribed Members (even those who have permanently bounced). Subsequently checking the "Exclude Permanently Bounced Members" box causes Enterprise to exclude from its count those Members who have reached the bounce limit (5 soft bounces or 1 hard bounce) and will therefore not receive future Mailings.

You can edit the properties for a List by clicking edit. If no mailings have been sent to a List, you may delete the List by clicking delete. Note that this will not delete the Members who are subscribed to that List. If you have already sent a mailing to a List, then you cannot delete this List, as this would erase data necessary to generate reports about those mailings in Reports. These Lists will show a grayed-out delete icon to indicate that they cannot be removed from the system.