Managing Image Library Folders

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This screen displays the list of image folders you have designated and allows you to add, delete, and rename folders within your Image Library. It also provides a hyperlink to the Manage Images screen. By default, your Enterprise site will contain a single Image Library folder named "Main Image Folder". This folder need not contain any images, but it cannot be deleted.

Image Library images and folders should not be confused with Image Manager images and folders. For additional information on when to use the Image Library vs. the Image Manger, click here.

To add a new image folder to the Image Library, type the folder name in the input box and click the "Add" link. To rename an existing folder, click Edit, type the new name, then click either Save to save your changes or Cancel to cancel your changes. Click on the Delete icon to delete an existing folder and all the images it contains. If you'd like to delete a folder but not the images it contains, you'll have to move each of the contained images to other folders first, as described in the Manage Library Images section. To manage the images for a particular Image Library folder, click the "Images" link.