Managing Image Library Images

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This screen allows you to upload new images into the current Image Library Folder, to change the descriptive name of existing images, to delete images, and to move images into different folders.

Image Library images and folders should not be confused with Image Manager images and folders. For additional information on when to use the Image Library vs. the Image Manger, click here.

To upload one or more images from your computer or network into the Enterprise Image Library, first click on the "Select" button to locate the image(s) on your computer or network. Select multiple consecutive images by holding down the Shift key while making the selections, or multiple non-consecutive images by holding down the Ctrl key (on Windows) or Command key (on Mac).

Alternatively, some web browsers support drag-and-drop functionality: just drag images from various locations--for instance, your desktop, Windows Explorer, or the Mac Finder--into the Upload Images area. Don't combine the two upload methods, though: clicking the "Select" button and then dragging images from the resulting file selection window will probably not work.

Once you have selected your images, and they have been successfully uploaded (indicated by a green dot to the left of the image name), click the "Add Images to Library" button. If you don't click the "Add Images to Library" button, the selected images will not be added to your Image Library.


A thumbnail version of the selected image will now appear in the list of images for the current folder. To open the full-sized version of your image in a new browser window, click on the appropriate thumbnail image. To delete the image from Enterprise, click Delete. To edit the textual description of your image, or to move the image to a new folder, click Edit.

NOTE: Deleting an image from the Enterprise Image Library will prevent you from selecting that image when creating a mailing using a template, but the image will still be maintained within the Enterprise system. Any sent mailings that reference the deleted image will be unaffected by the deletion.

Supported Image Formats

Of the following image formats, only GIF, JPEG and PNG will retain their original formats during the upload process; all other formats will be converted to JPEG before inclusion into the Enterprise image library:

Abbreviation Name Notes
GIF Graphics Interchange Format 256 colors (or fewer); recommended for graphics but not photographs
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group Recommended for photographs
PNG W3C Portable Network Graphics Recommended for photographs and graphics
BMP Windows Bitmap Format
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
EXIF Exchangeable Image File
EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile Format
WMF Windows Metafile Format

Enterprise can automatically scale images to fit template fields as part of the mailing creation process (see the section on Adding Images for details). To retain acceptable image quality, it is recommended that your original images be of sufficient size that they need never be expanded to fit any template field. GIF images may lose their original palette during the re-sizing process and thus are best scaled to the desired size by you, before uploading, rather than by Enterprise, during the mailing creation process.