Member Count (by Profile Field Value)

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The Member Count (by Profile Field Value) report allows you to view counts of how many members of your Site have a particular profile field value.

The first step in viewing the report is to select the list (-All- or a specific list), segment (-None- or a specific segment), members (All Members or only Mailable Members, profile field, and sort order of the report (by Field Value or by Member Count).

Select list.JPG

Once you've selected the options for the report, click "Preview" to generate the report. In the report below, the State Profile Field has been selected so we can see how many members live in Maryland, for example.

Member count.JPG

As with most reports in Enterprise, you can view the report online or export it to a variety of formats which you can then save to your desktop. For example, you might want to save the reports as PDF files so that you can e-mail them to colleagues or print them out to bring to meetings. Or you may want to export reports as Excel files so that you can further analyze the data in spreadsheet format. To export a report, simply choose the appropriate format from the "Export to the selected format" dropdown. Click the "Export" button and you will be prompted to save the file to your computer.