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The settings on this page allow to customize various aspects of the appearance of the Member Subscribe Page.

  • "Submit" Button Text: This setting allows you to override the text that appears on the button at the bottom of the Member Subscribe Page. Leaving this setting blank will cause Enterprise to use the default value of "Save".
  • "Submit" Button Image URL: If you'd prefer your Submit button to be an image instead of a simple button, supply the URL (address) of that button here. The URL can point to an image that's hosted on your own Web site, or an image from your Enterprise image library. Leaving this setting blank will cause Enterprise to use a standard Submit button rather than an image. If you do provide an image URL, Enterprise will use the Submit Button Text (see above) as a "tool tip" for the button (i.e., your browser will display the Submit Button Text when the Member hovers his or her mouse cursor over the Submit button).
  • Profile Field/Label Layout: This setting, for which the two possible options are "Side-by-Side" (the default) and "Stacked", determines how Enterprise formats the profile fields on your Member Subscribe Page. "Side-by-Side" refers to a two-column layout in which the name of each profile field appears to the left of its corresponding input control (text box, dropdown, checkbox, etc.), like this:


"Stacked" refers to a single-column layout in which the name of each profile field appears above its corresponding input control. This layout produces a narrow Member Subscribe Page that is well-suited to Web browsers with limited horizontal screen size, such as those used on smart phones and other mobile devices. Example:


  • Number of Subscription Checkbox Columns: By default, the List checkboxes on the Member Subscribe Page appear in a single column layout, like this:


If, however, you've chosen to display either the Name or Description for each List, but not both (see Add a New List), then you might wish to have Enterprise display the checkboxes in multiple columns, such as in this example: