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The settings on this screen can be used to override the default validation messages that appear as a result of Members entering incomplete or invalid profile data on the Member Subscribe Page. Each of these settings can be left blank, in which case Enterprise will use its built-in default messages.

  • "Required": Enterprise will display this message when a Member fails to supply information for a profile field that has been marked as "Required" (see Profile Fields).
  • "Invalid": This message indicates that a Member has supplied invalid information for a profile field. Examples of invalid information include "2/30/2009" for a US Date field or "abc" for a US Phone Number field.
  • "Please confirm": This message is displayed when a Member submits information for a profile field but not for its corresponding "confirmation" field (see "Confirmation Text" heading in Profile Fields for more information).
  • "Entries do not match": This message is displayed when a Member submits different information for a particular profile field than for that profile field's corresponding "confirmation" field.
  • "There were problems with the information you submitted...": This is the message that a Member receives when unsuccessfully trying to submit their Member profile form (e.g., required fields are missing, or text was entered in a date field). Example:
There were problems with the information you submitted.<br>
Error messages appear in red, preceded by an arrow (<img src="/images/error_pointer_left.gif">).
Note that Internet Explorer provides Javascript functionality that allows Enterprise to validate profile field data before the form is submitted; in this case, the above message will not be displayed, although individual validation messages ("Required", "Invalid", etc.) will still appear.

  • "Fields marked with an asterisk are required": This message informs the Member that profile fields whose names are followed by a red asterisk character are "required" fields (i.e., the Member must provide data for those fields in order to successfully submit the Member Subscribe Page). This message will be displayed below the Welcome/Thanks Message but above the form that contains your profile fields.