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This screen displays a table of sent mailings, sorted in descending order from the most recently sent mailing. This screen will display ten mailings per page; to view more mailings, use the "Next Page" and "Previous Page" links in the lower right corner of the table.


The table displays the Subject and Description for each mailing, as well as the time that the mailing deployment began and the time it finished. The table also displays the number of messages "pushed" (i.e., sent but not necessarily delivered).

All dates and times on this screen have been converted to account for your computer's local time zone and daylight saving settings, and have been formatted using your computer's regional settings.

To send a copy of this mailing to a single recipient, click the "Send to a Single Recipient" icon. You will be redirected to a screen on which you can type the e-mail address of an single recipient and click "Send Message". The recipient must be Member of your Site in order to receive the message, and they must not be permanently bounced, but they need not be subscribed to any List.

To view a high level summary of the mailing including begun time, finished time, messages pushed, number of clicks, opens and bounces, click on the "Status" icon.

To view the content of the mailing, click on the "View" icon.

To view and/or edit the hyperlinks contained within the mailing, click "Manage Hyperlinks".

To create a copy of the mailing, click on the "Copy" icon. You will be redirected to the Unsent Mailings screen, with your new copied mailing appearing at the top of the list, highlighted in yellow. The new mailing will contain the same settings and content as the mailing from which it was copied, but the Description will be changed to make it unique: copying a mailing with a Description of "June 2009 promotion - All Locations", for instance, will produce a new mailing with a Description of "Copy of June 2009 promotion - All Locations", and copying it a second time will produce a mailing with a Description of "Copy 2 of June 2009 promotion - All Locations".