Unsent Mailings

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This screen displays a table of mailings you have created but not yet sent. This screen will display ten mailings per page; to view more mailings, use the "Next Page" and "Previous Page" links in the lower right corner of the table.


The table displays the Subject and Description for each mailing. If the mailing has been scheduled for deployment, the deployment date and time will be displayed in the "Send On" column; this date and time will have been converted to account for your computer's local time zone and daylight saving settings, and will have been formatted using your computer's regional settings.

Click on the "Test/Schedule/Send" icon to view options for Testing and Sending a Mailing.

To edit the content of the mailing, click on the "Edit" icon. (See the section on Creating a Mailing for instructions on editing mailing content).

To create a copy of the mailing, click on the "Copy" icon. A new mailing will appear at the top of the list, highlighted in yellow. The new mailing will contain the same settings and content as the mailing from which it was copied, but the Description will be changed to make it unique: copying a mailing with a Description of "June 2009 promotion - All Locations", for instance, will produce a new mailing with a Description of "Copy of June 2009 promotion - All Locations", and copying it a second time will produce a mailing with a Description of "Copy 2 of June 2009 promotion - All Locations".

To permanently delete a mailing, click on the delete icon.