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API Overview

What is the Fishbowl API?

The Fishbowl Enterprise API is a RESTful web service that supports the OData Version 3.0 data protocol and the OAuth 2.0 security protocol.

What can the Fishbowl Enterprise API do for me?

The API allows you to create, retrieve, update, and delete many different types of data within the Fishbowl system (see the Entities section for details). Many of the tasks that can be accomplished manually through the Enterprise web user interface can also be accomplished programmatically through the API: importing and exporting Member data; creating and deploying Mailings; managing Campaigns and Lists; tracking opens, clicks, and bounces; tagging Members to target in subsequent mailings; even aggregating statistical data to produce reports.

Which programming languages can I use?

RESTful web services use standard HTTP methods, so almost any modern development platform can successfully target the Fishbowl Enterprise API. Platforms such as .NET and Java for which OData client libraries are available are ideal, because those libraries simplify the development process considerably.

Getting Started : Credentials and Access Tokens

This section provides details on how to create an API user, get the Client ID, Client Secret and Access token in order to use the Fishbowl API.

Additional API Info

Simple Development Scenarios

  1. Getting Site Information
  2. Getting & Creating Mailing Lists
  3. Getting Store Locations
  4. Getting Member Demographic Data (Profile Field Data)
  5. Adding & Updating Members