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Quick Subscribe (QS)

Quick Subscribe provides an easy way to add and update members to your mailing list from a web sign up form. Quick Subscribe does a simple HTTP post in order to add or edit your member data. Using the QS process ensures that web forms maintain the brand image and the flow of your website while providing a simple method to grow your member database.


The Fishbowl API allows for the syncing of your database with Fishbowl for better list and campaign. Create and send mailings, add or update members from subscribe form and more. The API allows for the ability implement and execute a subset of our platform's interface.

Quick Subscribe Vs. API

The Quick Subscribe (QS) feature set provides an easy method for web developers to add or edit member data in the Fishbowl database. It allows for the continuous and seamless brand experience across all web pages. The QS functionality is limited in scope. The API provides a more robust and in depth feature set in order to execute some more complex functions available through our web interface. It does require additional coding efforts in order to access the feature set.

Below is a simple comparison of features that can be accessed using the two methods.