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Create, Read, Update, and Delete functionality is available for the following entities:

Read-only functionality is available for the following entities:

  • ApiClientRequest (categorizes and aggregates counts of requests by API clients; useful for troubleshooting purposes)
  • Bounce
  • Brand
  • Category
  • Click (inserted when a Member clicks on any tracked hyperlink in an email message)
  • Group
  • GroupStore
  • Hyperlink (automatically tracked by the Fishbowl system after being automatically discovered within the HTML or text content of a Mailing)
  • MailOpen (inserted when a Member opens an email message and chooses to display images)
  • Message (represents a single email message to a single Member)
  • ProfileField
  • Segment
  • Site (each Site is a fully autonomous unit with the Fishbowl system)
  • Store
  • SubsciptionEvent (inserted each time a Member subscribe to or unsubscribes from a single List)
  • Template
  • Theme
  • Trigger
  • UserAgent (categorizes device/application/OS data whenever a MailOpen or Click event occurs)