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The Forward-to-a-Friend feature is implemented as a "mailto" hyperlink that, when clicked, launches the recipient's own e-mail client (Outlook, Hotmail, etc.) and creates a new outbound e-mail message with a pre-filled Recipient, Subject, and Body. The Subject of this new message is always the same as the subject of the mailing that contained the hyperlink, preceded by the suffix "FWD: ". The Body and Recipient are specified using the settings below.

  • Forward-to-a-Friend "Recipient": This is not an actual e-mail address, but rather a short text message (e.g., "Enter e-mail address(es) here") indicating to the recipient of the mailing that he or she must enter the addresses of one or more intended recipients ("friends").
  • Forward-to-a-Friend Body (Text): The pre-filled body of the e-mail, in text (not HTML) form. The mailing recipient will be able to change this text before forwarding the message to his or her "friend". For example, "Click on the link below for a message from Main Street Grill's eclub:". Enterprise will append a link to the Online Version of your mailing to the text you enter for this setting.

Clicking on a Forward-to-a-Friend hyperlink using the settings listed above would cause the following window to open for a Microsoft Outlook user: