Getting Site Information

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After user provides authorization for the first time and access token is obtained, the first thing the client needs to do is get the user's Site ID(s). The Site ID will be necessary to make subsequent calls because it will be part of the request URL for endpoints other than Sites.

Note: It is possible for a user to have more than one site. If the user is managing multiple business entities under different names, each can be set up in its own site.

Sample Request:

Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer u7kBYz1UhHkoRSc7V4gruBs-4sEpIkFV-F4LGiFMwfGwJNnT_JzNft
g6_Zm0yWi8P m60iPlmCCHUSwCX5Uru-OJq2jzhbT-E6nAc1OwzghTCmeoo0K69ubDBMFX5hyKlc

Sample Response:

        "Name":"Fishbowl Local",