Getting Site Information

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After getting credentials and obtaining an acess token, the first piece of information needed is the Site-ID(s). The Site-ID will be necessary to make subsequent calls because it will be part of the request URL for endpoints other than Sites.

Note: It is possible for a user to have more than one site. If the user is managing multiple business entities under different names, each can be set up in its own site.

Sample Request:

Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer u7kBYz1UhHkoRSc7V4gruBs-4sEpIkFV-F4LGiFMwfGwJNnT_JzNft
g6_Zm0yWi8P m60iPlmCCHUSwCX5Uru-OJq2jzhbT-E6nAc1OwzghTCmeoo0K69ubDBMFX5hyKlc

Sample Response:

       "Name":"Fishbowl Local",