Items Your Mailing Must Include

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Each mailing you send from Enterprise must include the following items unless it falls under one of the categories of messages defined as exempt in the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003:

  1. An unsubscribe link or other opt-out mechanism (See the section on Predefined Links for instructions on including an unsubscribe link). The opt-out mechanism must be processed within 10 days and remain active for at least 30 days after a mailing is sent. NOTE: If a mailing is missing a recognizable unsubscribe mechanism in the HTML and Text versions, you will not be able to send or schedule the mailing. If you see this message and are sending mailings from Enterprise that do not require an unsubscribe (certain transactional or non-marketing messages) or if you are managing your unsubscribes outside of Enterprise and feel that you should not be receiving this message, please contact Client Support.
  2. A non-misleading subject line.
  3. Your address (either a valid physical postal address or a USPS registered PO Box).
  4. A notice that the message is commercial unless clear consent has been obtained.

If you are using a template which has been designed and built by Fishbowl, an appropriate unsubscribe link and address will be included in the template. If you are not using a template, if you have modified a template built by Fishbowl, or if you are using a template which you have designed, then it is your responsibility to ensure that these items are included in the mailing.

These items are required by the U.S. Federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and failure to include them will place you in violation of the law. The terms and conditions of your agreement with Fishbowl also stipulate that you must include these items, and failure to do so may result in suspension of your account. Messages sent without these items may also be deemed as spam by Internet Service Providers which could lead to future blocking of your messages.