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The Manage Theme List Settings screen displays all the Lists in your Enterprise Site and allows you to customize the appearance and behavior of List checkboxes on the Theme-specific Member Subscribe Page.


By default, List settings for each Theme are identical to those for the default Member Subscribe Page. To override those defaults for a particular List, click the "Override List Defaults" checkbox. You will then be able to modify the Theme-specific settings for that List:


List Name and Description can both be modified; Description can contain HTML tags (including hyperlinks) but Name cannot. The "Display List Name" and "Display List Description" determine whether the Name and Description, respectively, are visible on the Theme-specific Member Subscribe Page; if neither checkbox is selected, the List will not be visible at all. "Subscribed by Default" determines whether or not the List checkbox will be automatically checked for new Members. "Active" can be modified only on the Add/Edit List screen and is displayed here for informational purposes.

To save your setting, click save. To cancel your changes, click cancel. Clicking cancel will not cause the List to re-inherit default settings: to do so, you must uncheck the "Override List Defaults" checkbox.