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The Manage Theme Profile Fields screen displays all the profile fields in your Enterprise Site and allows you to customize how—and whether—those fields are displayed on the Theme-specific Member Subscribe Page. It is not possible to add or delete profile fields from this screen, nor is it possible to change the Field Name or Field Type of a profile field: that functionality is available only on the Manage Profile Fields screen.


To override the default Site settings for a particular profile fields, click on the "Override Site Default" checkbox. As long as this checkbox is checked, the profile field will use the settings you see on this screen rather than the default Site settings. To make modifications to profile field settings, click edit. After making your modifications, click save or cancel. Cancelling your changes will not cause the profile field to re-inherit default Site settings: to do so, you must uncheck the "Override Site Defaults" checkbox.

The editable profile field settings on this screen—Display Name, Confirmation Text, Display Public, and Required—are identical in functionality to the corresponding settings on the Manage Profile Fields screen, except that they apply only to the Theme you're currently editing.

To preview the Member Subscribe Page for the theme you're editing, click the "Preview the Member Subscribe Page for this Theme" link. Here is an example of a Spanish-language Theme using the profile field settings shown above (along with other Theme-specific settings):